Involvement & Activities

Involvement & Activities

After spending just a few minutes on our beautiful campus, you can see why even seniors have a difficult time pinpointing their favorite buildings, venues and cozy study spots.

For starters, check out the comfortable study areas in the Edmund Stanley Library. And when you’re finished studying, find your friends hanging out in hammocks on the lawn, grabbing a bite to eat at Casado, or catching up over coffee in the Riney Fine Arts Center gallery lobby. And don’t forget to save some energy to cheer on the Falcons at Adair-Austin Stadium or on the Garvey P.E. Center courts!

Looking for things to do this semester? Download our First 40 Days book to see what all is going on here on campus!


Half of the student body at Friends is comprised of student athletes who participate in one of our 19 NAIA Division II sports teams. And 60 percent of those students maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA.

And with the only college football program in Wichita, autumn certainly is an exciting time on campus!

See what our student athletes are up to and mark your calendar for Game Days!

Campus Traditions

The student experience at Friends University goes further than the classroom, outside the boundaries of the playing field, and extends beyond the comfort of the residence halls. Throughout the year, a vibrant energy consumes the campus and engages students, faculty, alumni, and staff in the traditions that have transformed Friends from simply a place of learning to a community of faith, family and fun.

Community Involvement

You can make a difference in the lives of others through a variety of service, diversity and leadership programs. Volunteers are always needed, and at Friends University, you will have many opportunities to share your time and talents.

Fine Arts Involvement

With top notch dance, drama, music and art programs, clubs and ensembles, the Fine Arts students are some of the University’s brightest stars. We offer our students a full range of options in choral/vocal and instrumental music, dance, theatre and the visual arts.

Recreation & Club Sports

Get some exercise … meet people … relive the glory days. Whatever your reason for participating in recreation and club sports at Friends, we like it! Now it’s time to pick favorites … your favorite activity that is.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Getting involved in student organizations is one of the best ways to meet like-minded, and even not-so-like-minded people and make a difference in something of interest to you. Plus the ability to work with others toward a common goal is a great addition to a resume! You can decide which one of these organizations floats your boat, or create your own.



Leadership is not about holding the highest position in an organization or having a specific title. It is not about seeing how many things you can be involved in. Leadership at Friends University is about being committed to a cause, being known for your accountability and being respected by others for your dedication.