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Just because you’re taking a full course schedule, studying during work breaks, and let’s not forget trying to figure out what you want to do professionally for the rest of your working years, you can still have a life!

In fact, we happen to know that students at Friends University are having a blast, and we’re pretty sure we don’t know the half of it.

Not a student yet? Become one today and experience Student Life to the fullest!

Student Life

Find Your Success as a Student at Friends University

Make the most of your time as a student here at Friends University! Below are some ways you can get involved and be part of our wonderful community.

Residence Life

The data is in: students who live on campus have a 74 percent higher chance of graduating than those who live off campus. If that were a lottery odd, we’d be playing.

Campus Ministries

At Campus Ministries, our mission is to build community and growth within Friends University by leading and encouraging students to live transformed lives in the grace of God.


The mission of the Inclusion and International Students department is to increase cultural awareness and promote an anti-racist environment through positive representation of cultures, heritage month celebrations, open dialogue, interdepartmental collaborations, and community partnerships.

Life In Wichita

Wichita has been named an All-American City four times since 1962. It also ranked among the top 32 cities nationally for quality of life. In fact, Money Magazine recently named the Wichita community a Top 10 Best Place to live (right above New York City).

Involvement & Activities

After spending just a few minutes on our beautiful campus, you can see why even seniors have a difficult time pinpointing their favorite buildings, venues and cozy study spots.

Wellness & Therapy

The health and well-being of our student body is of the utmost importance to the faculty and staff members at Friends University. Maintaining good physical, mental and spiritual health is important to your success as a student.

Facilities & Campus

From the playing fields, to hallowed Davis Hall, to the Casado Campus Center, the Friends University campus is teaming with fun activities, fantastic facilities and helpful resources. And you can have access to all of it.

From Davis to Casado, we have a beautiful campus!

Student Handbook

Policies & Handbook

The Student Handbook contains a full set of standards that we live by at Friends University.

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from discrimination based on sex in educational programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. Title IX states that no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. 

All employees at Friends University will complete Title IX training and are expected to follow all Title IX policies and procedures. 

Title VI

Title VI is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race,, color, or national origin and retaliation by any program or activity that receives federal financial assistance. If a student or others persons believe they have been discriminated against, retaliated against, or harassed may file a complaint or report, verbally or in writing to the contacts to the right.

Title IX Contacts

Danita Mason, Director of HR Phone: 316-295-5676 Email:

Dr. Kenneth Stoltzfus, VP of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Phone: 316-295-5812 Email: