You Can Reach Beyond Boundaries

An education at Friends University simply won’t fit inside a neat little box.

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First of all, we believe that education is more than what takes place inside the four walls of a classroom. Our faculty and staff continually push boundaries to improve our students’ learning outcomes and spiritual experiences as they discover and develop their potential.

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An education at Friends comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and wonderment. So, as you hone in on a specific field of study, know that any direction you choose is the correct one if it’s right for you. The information, opportunities and guidance you will receive at Friends is designed to improve your life, no matter how uniquely shaped it may be.

High-Impact Practices

Friends University provides real-world learning opportunities to all students.  Located in downtown Wichita, Kansas, our campus is in close proximity to industry to provide students with career-readiness opportunities throughout the city and region.  

The American Association of Colleges and Universities describes High-Impact Practices as teaching and learning practices “based on evidence of significant education benefits for students who participate in them.”  Friends University provides extensive high-impact practices to our students through the following:

  • Undergraduate Research

A number of our faculty and programs provide students with undergraduate research opportunities.  Interested students should contact their academic advisor or the vice president of academic affairs for more information regarding these opportunities.  Students can review information about research guidelines and submissions through our Institutional Review Board