连接 & 合作伙伴关系

连接 & 合作伙伴关系

Making solid, long-lasting connections is an integral part of a higher education learning experience. 大学行政管理, 教职员工努力与雇主建立联系, community leaders and services that will enhance the student experience and help prepare them for what comes next.


Below are the members of the 总统顾问委员会, who are featured in the above image.

  • Ebony Clemons(07年)- ajibolade(05年)- Evergy, Sr. 经济发展经理
  • Paul Attwater- Morgan Stanley & Company,高级副总裁
  • Brooke Bennett Aziere (’00)- Foulston Siefkin LLP; Partner
  • 弗雷德·贝里-贝里公司.名誉主席
  • 肖恩·卡什,在线博彩, 主席助理, 事业部, 市场营销助理教授
  • Rob Ramseyer, 大学的朋友副总裁 of 体育运动 and Strategic Expansion
  • Angie Elliott (’98) – 威奇托 Regional Chamber of Commerce副总裁
  • Teketa Harding (’02)- Capital Federal Savings Bank, Community Development Manager
  • Ben Hutton(08届)——Hutton,首席执行官
  • 斯坦·谢尔顿-谢尔顿建筑公司总裁
  • 戴安·桑顿(1988年)- IMA, inc.副总裁
  • 哈维尔·维勒加斯-家庭第一保险联盟主席
  • Damon Young (’13) – 堪萨斯 Leadership Center, Chief Business Officer


If you are interested in bringing an external group to use 大学的朋友 facilities for meetings, 营地, 音乐会或其他活动, 请联系Janessa Waltemath, 外部活动协调员, 通过 events@srhouse.net 或填写我们的 外部事件请求表单. 大学的朋友 is an active, private campus twelve months a year. 同时我们也很高兴地欢迎客人来到我们的校园, 大学必须首先为学生服务, 教师, 和工作人员. Use of 大学的朋友 facilities should be for purposes that align with its mission, 愿景, 和价值观. University facility access is limited to approved groups—requests that conflict and/or interfere with on-campus activities or which are not in the best interests of the University will not be granted. 如果您有任何问题,请联系Janessa Waltemath: events@srhouse.net 和316-295-5810.


A large part of the education 大学的朋友 students receive is focused on putting their newfound knowledge and skills to use in the workforce. This is one reason our students and alumni are excellent candidates for employment in a wide variety of industries.

我们知道很难找到合适的候选人, which is why we offer a free service called Handshake where employers can post open part-time, 全职, internship or temporary/seasonal positions and students and alumni can search for positions that match their skills.

Employers also are invited to set up an information table in the Casado 校园 Center to discuss their organizations and opportunities with students.

On-campus interview days also are available to be coordinated with the 职业服务 office. This is a great way for employers to meet with many of our exceptional candidates in one afternoon or day and select an individual that is the best fit for your organization.

联系 职业服务 了解更多学生与雇主的关系.


大学的朋友 is pleased to offer a corporate partner agreement to your company and your employees. We know that you’re interested in the retention and growth of your employees which is why we would like to help you with your educational efforts.

参观 企业合作伙伴协议 点击此处了解更多信息.


大学的朋友 works to enrich not only its students, but also its communities as a whole. 我们提供多样化的娱乐活动, service and opportunities to people throughout the state of 堪萨斯 and beyond.

丰富的机会包括我们的艺术表演, 咨询, 加维系列讲座, 体育活动, 以及我们通过校园事工的服务领导.

大学的朋友 offers a variety of lifelong learning opportunities for students and community members as well. 我们提供工作坊, seminars and special events in addition to our traditional college programs that help individuals expand their knowledge and gain insight into the world through our continuing education in 堪萨斯.


基督教属灵培育院 有三个基本目标:提供高质量, hands-on undergraduate degree; minister to existing churches and organizations that are wanting to learn about Christian formation; work together with existing organizations in order to expand the field of formation.


近60年来, 大学的朋友’s Department of Religion and Philosophy has presented a day-long seminar in 威奇托 that is geared toward clergy, 教会员工, 牧师, 准备从事事工或辅导工作的学生, 感兴趣的外行.


的 Marriage and Family 治疗 Department in 威奇托 offers noontime lectures on a wide range of topics related to the mental health field. 了解更多.


每年夏天,秋天和春天,我们提供 为教师举办的研究生水平讲习班 interested in professional development or licensing/certificate renewal at our 威奇托 campus or 堪萨斯 City and Topeka Education Centers.


的 mission of the 大学的朋友 家庭生活中心 (CFL) is to provide compassionate and affordable therapeutic services to individuals, 夫妻和家庭. 要了解更多关于家庭生活中心的信息, 访问家庭生活中心页面.


友谊字段 is a program associated with 大学的朋友 that allows college-age adults with disabilities to experience college life while also offering 大学的朋友 students the opportunity to work with special needs students. 学生 enroll in 友谊字段 because they want to go to college and 大学的朋友 truly believes lifelong learning and social interaction is important for everyone. 要了解更多信息, 访问友谊领域页面.


的 威奇托社区儿童合唱团 is dedicated to leading children to learn and perform beautiful choral music. 由夫人指导. 吉尔Wiechman, the WCCC is a select group of treble singers in grades 4-8 from 威奇托 and the surrounding community. Members of the choir strive to achieve the highest level of choral artistry and to discover the joy of singing together through energetic, 具有挑战性的排练和鼓舞人心的, 充满快乐的表演.

合唱团由玛丽莲·基利安和芭芭拉·鲍尔斯于1992年创立. Past performances of the choir include performances with the 威奇托 Symphony Orchestra, 歌剧传奇人物塞缪尔·雷米, 在国家层面, 区域和国家音乐会议. 大学的朋友 has been the host institution since the choir’s inception.

有关排练时间和更多信息,请访问 www.wcccks.com.